Learning to play the guitar isn’t as simple as remembering the chords and strumming the strings. There is a lot of technique to it. As a guitarist, I had to learn them all by myself through years of experience, trial, and failure. A lot of mistakes were done during that […]

Common guitar mistakes

For beginners, the guitar has a pretty steep learning curve. When I first decided to learn to play the guitar, it was followed by a lot of disappointments. There were plenty of moments when I just wanted to give up. It’s not that I wasn’t practicing enough. The problem was


Learning to play guitar can offer many benefits, both social and personal. Whether you want to improve your musical skills, relieve stress, or boost your confidence, playing guitar can be an excellent activity. And because it is such a versatile instrument, you can express yourself creatively in various ways. So


The guitar is a very technique heavy instrument. Now, when I use the word ‘’technique”, I am not talking about some unquestionable set of rules every player must follow. It’s more about learning some methods widely accepted as beneficial in the beginning and then later coming up with your own

The first step to learning to play the guitar properly is to know how to hold a guitar. Your posture and the position of the guitar is very important when it comes to playing the guitar. Good posture won’t only allow you to play properly and comfortably but it will

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