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Guitar Lesson Dublin, serving in Dublin since 2013, offers various types of guitar lessons. We are a bunch of experts who match you to the ideal guitar instructors in Dublin based on your requirement. We make sure to help you find the right guitar teacher who has had proper knowledge of dealing with your issues.

We have separate guitar teachers for different types of guitar i.e, acoustic, electric, etc. who are well experienced and skilled enough to make you a better guitar player. If you need classroom based group classes, private lessons or guitar lessons in your home in Dublin; we can provide that too.


Frequently Asked Question

Answer: Nothing can substitute in-person feedback and insight that a guitar teacher provides you with. Should you make a mistake, your teacher will be able to correct you and prevent you from developing bad habits. And if you do well, the positive feedback of your instructor will show that you are on the right path.

Answer: Yes, you will want to practice at home outside of the course so that you can reinforce what you’ve been taught during the lessons. As a beginner guitarist, you may opt for an inexpensive guitar or rent one.

Answer: This will depend on your goals and preferences. Go for whatever guitar type you are interested in. If you don’t have preferences or aren’t sure, then get a classical acoustic guitar. You would want to rent a guitar at this stage since you may soon find that you want to go in a different direction.

Keep in mind that certain guitar types require additional equipment for playing – for example, electric guitars require an amplifier. Do your research before buying anything.

Answer: This will need some trial and error. Experiment with different pick styles and choose the one that feels the best in your hand.

Start with a light-medium gauge, but avoid too small and thin picks since they are floppy and hard to control. Also, opt for a nylon pick since such a pick doesn’t break like plastic and also has a texture that is easy to grip.

Answer: As much as you can, but aim at being consistent. It would be better if you practiced for half an hour each day than if you skipped a few days and then tried to compensate for it by practicing for several hours. You will need to be disciplined so that you don’t miss your practicing sessions and don’t get distracted by a TV show or whatnot.

Answer: You may learn to play guitar without reading music, but if you are serious about the thing, then you should learn music notation. If you are able to read music, you will be more a more flexible guitar player since reading guitar notes will be much more intuitive for you.

Answer: Yes, that’s what the personalized approach of our lessons is about! At first, you will spend some time learning the basics of guitar playing which are the same across all music genres, but once you’ve got them nailed, we can proceed with learning playing in the genre that you are interested in.

Answer: It usually takes students to play songs on their own in around two months, but everyone is different, and it may take you more or less time to improve. No matter how quick you will learn, the teaching process will be personalized so that you can progress at your own pace.

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