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Guitar Lesson Dublin

Guitar Teacher Wanted in Dublin? Guitar lessons for kids to adults and for all levels. We provide you the right teacher by matching your interest from our team of expert guitar teachers.

Guitar Lessons in Dublin

Guitar Classes We Offer


Acoustic Guitar

We provide quality acoustic guitar lessons all around Dublin City, from North Dublin to South Dublin, for all ages and all levels. Whether you are just starting your journey with guitar or already struggling to improve your playing skills or an advanced player who need some specific or customized lessons, we can fulfill your requirements as we have the training, tactics and skill to do so.


Electric Guitar

You can choose electric guitar lessons for your children or for yourself. Our guitar lesson includes all chords, scales, different hand techniques, learning popular songs and music theory. Though you enroll in group classes, we will provide modified lessons to suit your goals. Even one can choose private lessons in his home. So start today!


Classical Guitar

Always wished to play ‘nylon string’ classical guitar? We ensure classical guitar lessons from beginner to advanced that build your playing technique with a comprehensive course of study. Guitar lesson Dublin provides progressive classical lessons that take you from beginner to your initial solo classical guitar performance if you invest your time and effort as shown by our skilled teachers.


Bass Guitar

Complete step by step bass guitar lessons in Dublin for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Learn how to play the bass using an easy learning system. You can learn bass basics, bass chorus, bass flanger, bass links, power-chord jam, music theory, and other bass related stuff from an experienced bassist (guitar teacher). It’s easy and not! Actually, it depends on You. So Check it out!

Why choose Guitar Lesson dublin

Accurate Guitar Lessons

Qualified Teachers

We don't have Jack of All Trades who can play and teach you everything but we provide qualified and skilled professionals for specific genre.

Flexible Schedule

Students with busy schedule can ask for flexible schedule or customized lesson package as or when it is convenient for the student.

Single/ Group Classes

We provide alternatives to choose from private lessons or group classes. Even, in special cases, we can take single classes in your home.

Significant Progress

We are very confident on our experienced guitar teachers who will definitely educate, guide and assist you on every step of your journey.

Your True Guide

Our Teachers are not only trained you but they actually guide you and care about your growth because your success makes us look better.

Guitar learning is Fun

We always want you to learn the music that you enjoy and if you don't then you can't get there. So we make sure that you can get the fun part.

Make A good decision

Taking lessons from a guitar teacher can be very effective. Not convinced? Let us introduce you to 4 big benefits of learning guitar playing under the guidance of a pro!

Benefit of taking lessons from a guitar teacher

Instant feedback

You sure can learn to play guitar from videos or books, but how do you know if you are doing it wrong? There’s no one there to fix your arm position or how you are holding the strings. You are on your own, and you don’t even know if you are moving in the right direction!

A guitar instructor can provide you with instant feedback on what you are doing right or wrong. Receiving valuable suggestions and praise on the spot, you will know what is alright in your technique and what you should work on. As a result, it’s unlikely that you will develop bad guitar playing habits with an instructor.

Tailored teaching process

Everyone has their own preferred music style, and the instructional videos you may be watching might not feature the genre you want to play in.

A guitar teacher will likely be familiar with your preferred musical genre and can help you with finding the right songs for your current skill level. And as your skill progresses, you will be able to take on more complex compositions in the genre or genres that you are interested in.

Guidance from a pro

It’s possible to learn without guidance from a guitar instructor, but it’s difficult and often inefficient. You don’t know where to start, what aspects you should pay attention to now, and which things are too soon for you to worry about.

A pro has done it all, and chances are that they have taught quite a few newbie players in the past years. Based on their experience and your desires and needs, a good guitar teacher will be able to draw a route that will take you to the destination in a shorter time.

Motivation to learn

When there’s nothing to push you to learn, it’s very easy to let go of learning guitar playing. And this thing can happen for learning any other instruments like learning the piano.  It’s not mandatory if you are doing it at home, after all.

Your attitude will change once you start working with an instructor. Not only will you want to have returns on your investment into the lessons, but you will likely wish not to disappoint your teacher. Under guidance, it’s easier to commit and more difficult to abandon your guitar playing lessons.

In the end, we have to say that if you’ve looked up “guitar lessons Dublin” on Google, our services may be the answer for you!

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